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Eintrag von Monika aus Mainz:
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10.10.19  Hutte is very nice and kozy, I can not complain, however... I made really bad expirence with staff. We slept there in Oktober when temperature outside was below 0C. The shelter was almost empty that night and it was raining heavily with snow outsidewas, in whole shalter maybe 8-10 people that night. When we went to the room (privat double room, not very cheap!), we realized that the window in the room was opened, so the temperature inside was very low. I dont have a poroblem with that, I camped in tent in the winter, but if I would have oportunity to avoid it, I would of course do. We ask the working lady (blonde, young lady with glasses) about possiblity to change the room (it was alomst no turist that night!) or possibility to downgrade the reservation to lager (big room with many beds). We were very calm and polite, but she outbursted without any reson. She was extremly unpolite, she wanted us to move to the private geasthouse which was 50m away. Seriously I have never expirence this kind of behaviour. Usually mountain people are hard, but very opened and flexible. I dont have a porblem, that she said no, but the way she did this was really below any standards. Thats way I would not recomend this place. I felt very bad about this behaviour for days after, a special that we havent insisted and we havent provoked her. Unnessesary stess. I lived in many places in the world, and traveled many poor countries, in realy much worse conditions then provaided in Austria. I have never expirenced this kind of treatment. Maybe this lady things that tourist are cattle, only to get money, like milikng the caws ... my impresion was very bad. The shelter was empty that night and she could be easy more flexible about this, however if she would say no, it s also fine. Instead she made big drama out of issue, she also complain to other tourist loud, that we dear to ask, and we are "so sensitive" "thats refugee, not hotel" well... sounds maybe logic, but we were really not complaining, rather asking politely about possibility.... 50meters from this place you have private Alm (Gesthause) which is also very nice, and owner is very friendly and polite, we talked to her next day. Private Alm has also long family tradition, its very cozy and pricewesies comparable. Stay away from this kind of people who are toxic!!! (private geast house with chaple on the picture)
Eintrag von Didi aus Glonn:
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10.10.19  Hutte is very nice and kozy, I can not complain, however... I made really bad expirence with staff. We slept there in ...  [weiter]

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